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TITLE; did I just push away my luck???
10/25/11 | 9:48 AM | 0 Like purple like me
yesterday, I got a call from a friend which I've known in repeat class...(just 1 repeat ok...)
she said that I can stayed in the hostel...(she also get the SKP)
but I refused the offer cause I've already stay in my uncle house...
beside that, I feel sorry for my uncle cause he really like it when I'm staying in his house and willing to let me stay there...
well it's because I can help him and his wife do the house work...(pity me...huhuhu...just joking!)
although I'm not comfortable living there but at least I don't have to spend my money constantly...right?
anyway...I'm feel thankful to her cause she willing to call me for telling the news...
thank you girl!
and now I really feel bore cause I don't have work to do!

p/s: tomorrow is Deepavali holidays! yay! can sleep more tonight! and for Indian fellow...happy Deepavali!

until then...Assalammualikum...

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