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10/31/11 | 1:54 PM | 0 Like purple like me
next week the degree students will be holiday...
that's mean uitm staff also gets holiday...???
and that's mean this week is my last day of work!!!????
I don't want to work until 18/11 cause my muet is on 19/11! (plus new semester on 21/11!!!)
and most of all I don't do much revision on it! and yet I left the muet workshop document along with my books in the hostel store! just my luck!
all I have now is part 1 & 2 bel books...hahaha had to depend on them...

p/s: my plan is to resign next week but since maybe the uitm staff also in holidays, I have a chance to enjoy my semester break at home! can't wait for it!

till then,assalam...

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