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TITLE; speechless
11/29/11 | 11:01 AM | 0 Like purple like me
we're finally OVER!
so don't ever contact and see me ever again you LIAR!
from now on I'm not gonna waste my precious tears for you!
you're such a JERK!
there's so much I wanna say but let this be the last...
I will try to forget you even if it's hard to do... :(

to my friends (nadia,sha n mas)...
thanks for being with me last nite...
you're the best! jjang!
especially nadia...hahaha (ayatmu gak yg power!)

till then...assalam...

p/s: uda xda jodoh mau wat camna gak...ati org kt x ble paksa...aku pasti akan bangkit dr kekecewaan ini...amin...

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