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TITLE; donate your blood please???
12/19/11 | 5:40 PM | 0 Like purple like me
today and tomorrow there will be a blood donation campaign in Uitm...so lets go and donate your blood for the people in need ok? erm...only in Uitm Sabah :|
and yes! I've finally can donate my precious blood after twice been rejected for low blood pressure...hahaha
happy me!
it's awesome to donate your blood here because they're giving you free meal ; kfc bha!
snack plate g! maybe to attract more people to donate since most of people afraid of being injected...am i right? hmm...
last 2 semester I guess, they're giving kfc jom jimat...so now they're more advance! hahaha
and along with kfc, lucky donor will receive special present...isn't that great???
fortunately i'm not the lucky one... :(
but it's okay...at least I can donate my blood! :)

after donating, I have a problem of nearly fainted...! omo!
I don't know why this happening to me, I guess maybe it's been a long time since my last donating...
and the last one also like this! hahaha
right now I still need to recover my energy...still feel dizzy...
and my snack plate still untouched! hahaha
so please feel free to donate your blood cause there are so much advantage for doing that...just Google if you don't trust me! :)

till then...assalam...

p/s: plan mau cuci kain punah disebabkn xda air! huhuhu...terpaksa bergantung kpd paip bomba...(kat asrama ok...kat uma aku manada paip bomba...) hihihi dpt gak mandi...

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